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This is the reference manual for dhcp-agent, an extendable, portable UNIX DHCP suite. It contains a brief introduction on DHCP, and an overview of the suite's features, and is a reference to its operation and features.

Part I: Introduction to dhcp-agent.

1. The dhcp-agent License  
2. Manual Layout  
3. Components Overview  
4. The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol  
5. System Specific Notes  

Part II: Invoking the dhcp-agent components.

6. Invoking dhcp-client  
7. Invoking dhcp-server  
8. Invoking dhcp-sniff  
9. Invoking dhcp-relay  

Part III: Configuration

10. Configuration Intro  
11. Configuring dhcp-client  
12. Configuring dhcp-server  
13. Configuring dhcp-relay  

Part IV: Writing Extensions

14. Extensions Intro  
15. Extending dhcp-client  
16. Extending dhcp-server  

Part V: Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

17. dhcp-sniff Output Format  
18. dhcp-client Lease Introspection  
19. dhcp-server Lease Introspection  


20. DHCP Options  

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