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2. Manual Layout

The dhcp-agent manual is divided into six parts:

An introductory part consists of five chapters on: the licensing information, the layout of this manual, an overview of all the components, an primer on the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, and system specific notes.

Part two is reference material on invoking the components. This is what you would typically expect from a man page. The dhcp-agent distribution comes with man pages which have the same invocation instructions in them. They are reproduced in this texinfo manual for completeness sake only.

Part three discusses the configuration of the client and server. For most purposes, the casual user of the client will not need to do any configuration tweaking. The default configuration file for the client should do for most installations.

Part four is for the advanced user who wants to take advantage of the embedded Scheme interpreter (guile). Documentation is provided on the hooks, files, and the API used to extend the components.

Part five is an overview of troubleshooting with the suite, and in particular documents the output from the command line sniffer.

Finally an index is provided.

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