dhcp-agent feature list

This is a list of features currently implemented by the dhcp-agent suite:

Client features:

(1) Almost complete compliance with RFC2131 and RFC2132 (DHCP INFORM is still lacking).

(2) Easy top level configuration allows specification of options: to request; options to require before lease acceptance; options to configure; options to append values to; options to prepend values to; options to override; fine tuning of various protocol parameters including retries and timeout thresholds.

(3) Support for ICMP and ARP operations where applicable to: discover latency of ip address passed in options such as "Routers;" ARP/UNARP during IP address aquisition; ARP to detect ip address collision; experimental ICMP subnet mask discovery if DHCP lease requires it (still not scripted).

(4) Client system configuration support done via Scheme by embedding GNU's Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions (guile).

(5) Lease introspection.

Sniffer features:

The sniffer was written to debug the client, as well as provide administrators with a simple command line tool to troubleshoot problems with.

(1) Support for verbose mode with detailed output in plain ASCII text.

(2) Support for brief mode with compressed output in plain ASCII text.

Supported Platforms:

dhcp-agent has been tested on:

GNU/Linux 2.4.x (i386)

FreeBSD 4.x (i386)

NetBSD-1.6.1 (i386)

Solaris 2.8 (SPARC)

The future:

The next big step for the suite is to implement a DHCP server. This is the current focus of development.

© 2002 Thamer Alharbash.

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